Woman putting whiteout on a computer screen

Have you ever just wrapped up a piece of writing and thought wow, I’m finally done. As a wise source taught you, you shut off the computer screen and walk away from your project for a spell. Perhaps a week or so elapses and you begin the revision process with a fresh pair of eyes. Another wow escapes your lips. Did I actually write that? Well, either that wow escaped because your writing was realized to be deserving of a prize, or because you saw some errors. Perhaps a shift in POV, a grammatical error, or perhaps the Alpha Goblins stole a few letters here and there?

Or there’s alway my least favorite – switching between versions of Microsoft office and having your formatting go awry.

I digress…

My point is that we, as authors, are too close to our work to remain objective. Additionally we as not as exposed to the industry as perhaps an editor is. A fresh pair of eyes results in a world of difference to our writing. Editors look for more than just the grammatical error. Take a look at some of what an editor may look at when reviewing your work:

  • Grammar
  • Shifts in Point of View
  • Transition
  • Consistency
  • Character building and development
  • Dialog
  • Facts
  • Relevancy in today’s climate

The latter list is not exhaustive. Invest in yourself and have an editor review your work.

I might add for those who are interested in securing an agent. An unfounded myth floats around which suggests that after a literary agent picks up your work, s/he will give it to an editor who will fix all the mistakes and areas that appear daunting. I can’t stress how untrue this myth is. If you do not submit your best work for review it may end up in the slush pile. Make your contribution count and invest in yourself.