Have you ever found yourself talking to thin air? More specifically, the conversation may have started with someone on the other end of the telephone but then you realize the connection has dropped.

I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me. Too many times to count on one hand, that’s for sure.

My point being, that if we don’t understand our connections, we can never be sure that someone is listening.

With so many avenues for social media, and mediums to reach people, as an author or anyone trying to market themselves for that matter, there has to be a way to understand what to blog about and how to reach those types of individuals.

Understanding the demographics.

Who is my reader? What do I know about this type of person? How do I relate to this person? And, how should I market to this person?

I don’t know that I have figured out the answer to any of these questions for my own purposes, but it seems like a work in process.

My book crosses some genres. “A Blood Moon” has romance, action and adventure, light mystery, and is definitely fantasy.

So who reads that type of book? Well apparently anyone who is interested in the above listed categories could… and I am interested in learning about who does.

These days reporting definitely tells all and is available to most. If you have a website, the hosting company can provide reporting that tells you how many unique visitors the site has had on a monthly basis. You’ll see which pages are hit in their order of frequency. This is a beautiful thing as you have instant validation that someone is reading your content.

I think most authors wonder about who will read their latest book, whether or not it will be accepted. After all no recipe dictates what will make the best seller’s list.

I love the picture to the left. It reminds me of the matrix and certainly reflects my opinion of some of the dynamics of being an author even though it may be a tad risqué.

In my mind an author needs to be plugged in to understand the climate of the industry. Changes in publishing appear to happen on a daily basis. Understanding changing principles, rights, and the availability of new technology or advancements is paramount to a self-published author’s survival.

The author must also be in an ‘always-on’ condition, armed and ready at anytime to meet a new reader and market their product. As a self-published author the job never ends. The product must be marketed after it is written.

How do you know when you will bump into a reader?

For me, I don’t and have to pitch to everyone I meet to test the waters. After all the science fiction and fantasy reader could be dressed in a suit, a uniform, or some ensemble in between. I can only realize a potential reader when I’m out and about after I initiate a conversation and connect with the individual.

I did meet a lovely lady on my way to London. Seizing the opportunity before we landed I noted that she was reading a book on travel. So I grabbed one of my flyers for “A Blood Moon” and asked if she liked to read and we began a wonderful conversation. I was thankful that I was presentable in my attire to be able to talk to the lady. I was also quite pleased that I had remembered to always keep a stack of flyers in my purse as the basis for conversation and distribution.

(Note: I would love to give credit for the pictures on this blog but couldn’t find the link to do so.)