I can tell who you are by the first six words that come out of your mouth in response to the question: “So, what do you do?”

After the pleasantries have expired, with the “hellos” and the “how are yous”, it all boils down to how you see yourself. And how you see yourself lends to how others perceive you.

So before someone asks the question of you, perhaps some self reflection is in order.

Who do you want to be?

I cannot answer for you, but my response to this question is: I want to be a writer – a good one.

Being able to answer that question overcomes the first hurdle. Now it doesn’t really matter how many times the response changes to that question. The changes in the response means that you may have to go through the exercise of redefining yourself again.

Is this a dream or a goal?

…and yes, there is a difference. A dream is something we just think about doing now and again, or quite often as our personality may have it. We may even take some tiny steps towards it, but never clear any major hurdles to make it become a reality. On the other hand, a goal is something we break down into objectives. The long-term objective ofreaching the goal and the stepping stones or shorter-termed objectives so that we can take palatable chunks and action them to achieve the goal.

Once you have derived the answer to that question perhaps some wheels may need to be put in motion to help you become who you want to be.

For me:

I want to be a writer.

So I write. Sounds simple enough. But, I also want to become a good writer. What does that mean? I want to ensure that my story has a good plot, some unexpected twists, with relatable characters. So that also means that I need to understand the structure of a good story. Additionally, I will want to have a professional read and edit my story so I can receive feedback and insight on how to improve my writing and the story itself. What I write about is also key. Consistency in one area will help me to hone my skill. So what will I write about? That answer is easy… Science fiction and fantasy! My escape from reality into the surreal- where all is fair until it is unfair.

The last thing on my list is the change my circle of influence. I need to surround myself with like-minded people. Folks that have been in the business of writing. The industry is chock full of publishers, agents, editors, and where would we be without them – writers. This can be accomplished by joining a writer’s group, a writer’s association, attending conferences, networking and research. Depending upon the type of writer that you want to become, hobby or otherwise, so much more can be involved with kicking it up a notch – the writing is often the easy part.

I digress…

How do you want others to perceive you?

I want people to know that I am a writer, an author of a published novel “A Blood Moon” (Macedo Ink series)“, as a matter of fact. So that has to be the first thing out of my mouth.

Yes I am a mother of two wonderful and beautiful children first and foremost, however, if that is the first thing out of my mouth that will be the only thing the receiving party may hear. I could also give them my job title where I work. I am proud of that position and it is a great company to work for. However, if I don’t claim myself as a writer with confidence then who else will? I did start off claiming I was an aspiring writer until I was sure that I had an audience. Then I could smile, then I felt much better telling the world I’m a writer.

Typically there’s one shot when it comes to getting someone’s attention and capturing their interest. I have to make sure that I represent myself when speaking to an interested party.

So I know who I am and who I want to be:

I am Bitten Twice, published author writing in the science fiction and fantasy genres on love and conflict.

Who are you?