2010 FWA Conference-Karen Lieb 733-Bitten TwiceA couple of weeks have passed and I’m still trying to process the volumes of information absorbed at the 2010 Florida’s Writers Conference.

Having taken a moment to sort everything out from how to successfully eBook, through Internet Marketing campaigns I’m slowly trying to process and implement all that I’ve learned. After all what good is it to learn the new tricks if you cannot perform them on your own.

So having to work around the schedule for my j.o.b., I have decided that a workable plan is required if I am going to meet my own schedule of producing/publishing two more novels by June 2011.

I need a routine that will get me on track to accomplish all I have set out to.

Drawing upon my skills as a project manager, the only way to attack this unknown and new territory of science fiction and fantasy is with logic.

With limited time I review my busy schedule and carve out a couple  of hours here and there that I will commit to working my plan leaving some time for writing of course.

Typically I would itemize ten things per day to accomplish. Six ‘must be dones’ and four ‘it would be nice if’s’. Having so little time I opted to pare this down to something workable for my current lifestyle or lack thereof. For me it will be three ‘must be dones’ and two ‘it would be nice ifs’.

Using a trusty planner (electronic or otherwise) I write down what I want to accomplish and plan it out. You have to get serious about your goals. If you don’t they are no more than dreams. Writing them down inspires commitment, and there is a difference between thinking about it and writing about it. Writing about it gets you that much closer to doing it.

Armed with a smile, let’s get it done.

I don’t know about you, but I have a couple of books to get out there.