The new moon is a phase where the moon is not visible to the naked eye. For many religions this phase is the marker of a new month.

For some of us, the moon apparently has taken a night off.

Each phase of the moon can be tied to calendars and activities related to religious movements, tidal behaviour, notwithstanding peculiar human behavior typically unexplainable unless linked to a lunar event. Even though we cannot see her, the moon is always on, always working.

As a new writer the importance of being always on is critical to success.

You as the writer are your own marketing campaign, how you allow others to see you is how you will be represented. Do you have paraphernalia to offer your reader?

Who is your reader?

When do you know when you’ll bump into that person?

Are prepared to meet him or her?

Fortunately for the savvy writer in the age of technology we have tools at our fingertips that will continue working when we cannot. These internet tools reach our readers at the time that is more convenient for our readers. That’s why it is so important to have a website, connect it to your blog. Have the social networking tools work for you. Find the ones where you believe like-minded readers can connect with you. Many of the social networking tools interconnect. All that’s left to do is to consistently talk about what it is you do best.

If you have doubts that what you are doing is working, check out your stats. Your web hosting plan should come with reporting that will tell you if anyone is reading what you have put out there. Your blog site has stats that will divulge the same.

The next goal will be how to attract more interest.