I couldn’t help but browse through the variety of polls on the vampire and note that most of them were deeply rooted in the male Vampire.

Don’t get me wrong many of them were quite sexy as the vampire has come a long way.

I don’t know if I would think that Nosferatu was sexy, perhaps icky comes to mind. And Cruise when he played LeStat? Well, no matter if you like Tom Cruise or not; he had a certain allure when he played LeStat – he captured that crazed logic quite well.

And Blade – who wouldn’t mind bumping into him. Or for that matter…

I digress.

So where are these lady killers? Who is your favourite female vamp?

Akasha was awesome and fierce played  by the beautiful often thought of and well missed Aaliyah. She was mighty and feared. Akasha knew nothing of our world as to her we all existed in hers.

I don’t know who could forget Lilly Munster. I think that

she could almost be considered the icon of female vampires.

Who wouldn’t want their mothers to be as cool as Lilly Munster was. I don’t know that Lilly ever was thought of as sexy or alluring but many flocked to see her I’m sure.

Speaking of sexy. My next thought for a sexy female vamp had some pretty slick moves.

Using all of her powers of seduction this mistress of the night drew in quite the crowd.

These next two are a little more coy and mainstream. Certainly less hardcore as Buffy catered to a younger age group.

But Sonja and Selene they were as tough as you could imagine. Warriors of the night fighting tooth and nail for survival. Understanding that even being at the top of the food chain meant fighting the fight.

So if you  had to be a vampire who would you be and why?

Did I miss anyone noteworthy? and who?