Browsing the web might take you to All Things Halloween Here you can see the progression of the vampire.

From pre-“Dracula” to “Nosferatu” through to the “Queen of the Damned”. We can all imagine where our favourite Vampire movies fit in.

The vampire has become so versatile and the culture like many others has extremes. From the sexy racy beautiful clique depicted in movies and shows like “True Blood” or “Interview with a Vampire” to the monstrous nature of the blood sucking undead shown in movies like “30 Days of Night” or even “The Lost Boys” as a go between.

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No matter which side you tend to believe the vampire exists on, you can be sure that they’ll be about on Halloween. With fangs that slide into place to display the pointy incisors that we are all accustomed to seeing. Ready to rival the werewolf for territory and status. Vampiric powers lure and bind all that fall to the call. Abilities vary from mental control, the ability to change forms, and bind people/animal alike for their bidding. With little to no areas of weakness, the vampire doesn’t have much to fear.

If you had to be a vampire what kind would you be?