The adaptation of the Shakespearean line from “Romeo and Juliet” said it best.

“-a rose by any other name would smell the same.”

So I crossed the bridge and decided I want to be a writer. I also decided that I want to use a pen name, my real name not giving the dark and broody feel that a sci-fi writer could have.

Thus, I name myself “Bitten Twice”.

A nice point name. Perfect for the genre if I don’t say so myself. But what I didn’t anticipate was the reaction when people actually meet me. Over the net, in today’s age of technology we are comfortable calling each other by our Twitter handles, or our email prefixes. Why then is it so important to have a realistic sounding name to go along with my face?

What’s in a Name?

If we look at the following statement by Daniel Hawes (2010), which hinges off of Juliet’s philosophy. “A rose is a rose because we agree to call it so, and if we agreed to call it by any other name, all that makes a rose will continue; albeit under a different name.”  (

Hence, I revel in the pointy aspect of the name Bitten Twice. Envisioning fangs ready for the jugular.

I’m hoping Bitten Twice works as well for you as it does for me. If not just call me -B.