Motivation is the keystone trait desired as told by many a lecture on success.

Even the old adage states “if you want something done give it to a busy person” (unknown). So what does that mean for today’s self-motivated go-getter? With technology always on, the go-getter is plugged in and online all the time. Demands of the job surpass any 9-5 as bonus driven productivity is measured in the financial successes* of the project. The go-getter keeps going. Imagery of the go-getter and the Energizer¤ bunny merge in my mind.

So how does the go-getter stop going and smell the roses?
Reluctantly apparently.

I commit to going with my daughter to a Japanese garden this weekend to take a few pictures. Easy enough. The location is 1hr from the house and less than a mile in trails. No problem, I can walk a mile with an unwilling dog in 15 minutes. I’ll be back working in 2hrs and 20 mins. Right?


It rained. At first I worried about the camera and the new lens just gifted to me, but we had plastic bags and an umbrella. Walking along the trails capturing a moment in time became so much more than just a school project. Bonding with my daughter was phenomenal. The rain seemed so much less of an annoyance and once caught on film would transcend to something no less than amazing. The water was soft and hard at the same time, making ripples in the lakes and coating nature with precious life-bearing globules of light. Flowers and leaves gleamed in brilliance. My daughter’s curls enhanced with liquid diamonds in the soft onslaught.

Reptiles, some making grand appearances, stopped to pose. The turtles played hide and seek as our camera lens intruded in their world. The Koi swam with confidence bullying some other big-lipped wide-eyed fish. All set in the backdrop of a beautiful waterfall and surveyed by an enormous Columbian Green Iguana with brilliant colours. Approximately 5ft from vent to snout this iguana was truly King of this domain. He grasped the branches with huge fiery orange claws. His birch silver green snout, orange-yellow markings contrasted with black stripes made his native camouflage well suited for the foliage that mirrored his colour palette.

Time, unobtrusive in its passing, had just elapsed. The tiny voice notifying us that the gardens were closing barely pierced our consciousness; we were so enamoured with the koi, turtle, and giant iguana.

Needless to say it was a gentle eviction. Could four hours feel so brief? Heading back to the car signified the return to the demand. Deep breaths drew the will to head back. Longing glances back to the peaceful experience I was just leaving. I vowed my return.

Thank you for the memories to my daughter, my boyfriend, and Morikama Gardens.