Today silver wings brought you home.

Home to the earth you swore to protect, home to your family and friends whose lives you changed so incredibly from your first smile to your last.

I’m sure you have your own set of wings by now… for us; you truly were an angel. Wings not metal like the pair that reunited us, but soft and gentle wings that will carry your spirit onwards.

Your laughter echoes in my mind, your smile that brightened any room, kindles fond memories. So vivacious, your return now seems surreal amidst the sweet assault of the paling flowers. The flowers that were so much brighter when you painted them, actions that seemed so much bolder when you were taking them, and the world just that much richer when you were journeying in it.

Your journey in life was one to marvel at too. We, your companions on one road or another. So adventurous and full, with a story at every turn overflowing the cup with memories. Memories that will sustain us, carry us, and eventually heal us reclaiming the emptiness.

You found your calling growing into a man that many are so proud of, accomplishing much in such a short period of time. It is not your passing that is honoured but rather the journey of your life.

Brother, son, friend… no matter how near or far… you are loved and held closely in our thoughts and our hearts.