With loss so fresh in my mind I make a pact to celebrate life. Reflecting on the meaning of life I have to conclude that the purpose must be individual.

How does one make a difference in this society?

Sitting at the airport I am approached by two tearful strangers. The question is would I mind sitting next to and caring for a 15yr old young lady who is flying home to her mother and is petrified of the plane.

Immediately I think of all the things that society could miscontrue and place blame on me for. These days lending a helping hand does not always end happily. But I look at their tear stained faces and my heart breaks again for I have been crying all week over the loss of my brother’s brother. I pray that I’m doing the right thing and agree. I even give up my first class upgrade to honour my commitment to the child who tearfully asks me not to leave her alone.

Fear is a powerful emotion. I remember my first solo flight at age 7 and think about my own battle of heights.

She is cold. I apologise for the amount of dog hair on one of the ugliest but most comfortable sweaters I own as I offer it. It never matches anything, but its warm. I cover her as she buries her head into me upon take off. I am reminded of my own daughter and absently stroke her hair in an attempt to soothe her. I pray should my children ever need a shred of human kindness that someone with a good heart will take a leap of faith and lend it.

I can’t help smile as she giggles while watching Avatar on my iPod. A distraction to help her get through the turbulence. it is a bumpy flight.

My thoughts land on an island adage: “it takes a village to raise a child”

…And I wonder if I have just become part of someone’s village.

Who will be in my village when my children fly the nest? Who will watch over them and help them to make the right decisions. A weary smile flits across my face as I acknowledge that all of our lives are impacted by not only our decisions but those of others.

A single bad decision in the pool of reality sends concentric ripples that impact multitudes of people.

I glance at my book and long of the safe haven of science fiction. The past week has been on overdose on reality and my mind and soul could use a break.

I took a leap of faith today in hoping that this decision I made to help a young stranger doesn’t circle back to bite me in the rear. I would like to get back to thinking that people are pre eminently good.