A Blood Moon usually occurs in October. It is also known as the Harvest moon or the Hunter’s moon, better yet a sanguine moon. Most other red moons throughout the year may be caused by pollution. However pollution, although a reality, is not sexy to write about.
On May 28th 2010, the day after a full moon, a red moon hung rose in the star-filled sky.
A moon drenched in blood was a good omen for a night of hunting. A true Blood Moon meant sacrifice. Is there a wonder that this type of moon became synonimous with Vampires and other blood hunters? Werewolves who are dominated by lunar phase must feel the peculiar strength of the Blood Moon while Vampires relish in the glory of the exhibition of blood.
Even today a full moon is thought to have an effect on any city. Police are particularly wary and on the look for hooligans.
Where the night dominates all things that go bump, some lure and seduction still exists. It’s not all blood and gore. The ripping of flesh is what seems to put the Vampire and the Werewolf at extreme odds. The Vampire rising to the top end of the classy spectrum with the best being a picture of control using seduction and lure to meet his or her needs. Conversly, the werewolf is typically depicted as the loss of control subcumbing to the pull of the moon incapable of rational once changed into were form.
Is there a happy medium?
Can the werewolf be just as sophisticated as the Vampire in or out of regular lunar phases? And then what happens with a true Blood Moon?