When the winter season changes into spring we think about exfoliating the skin and moisturizing in preparation for summer exhibition.

What about the brain cells, how do we moisturize, revitalize and exfoliate the brain?

As writers how does one keep the imagination juiced up and ready to go?

It had been a while since I had taken a break. Using an upcoming wedding as an excuse to take a well-deserved break, I headed to the Pocono Mountains in NJ to retreat and regroup.

You don’t really realize you need a break until you are in the middle of one. So my genius mind said that I should book a place in the woods where cell phones only work sometimes and internet is scarce.

On day one, I was woken up by the crows. Large, noisy carefree blackbirds that could be the journalists of the bird world… forever watchful and squawking all news first thing in the morning for all to hear.

Spiders of all sizes dominated all entrances and exits of the condo adding a spectrum of fear to the equation. I am as you may relate that I am quite afraid of the nasty critters. I believe that they know it also. They wait for me with trip wire and hidden webs. The smallest beastie will make me evacuate the areas just as quickly as the larger one – I don’t discriminate. I hate them all equally and I am consistent in my opinion.


The evenings were awesome, with no lights to intrude on Nature’s wonder the stars seemed that much brighter and the moon much more of a necessity.  The moon shone brightly over the lake and through the tall pine trees creating a spooky effect. The wind whispered through the branches lightly touching the skin like a wraith.

I managed to catch a couple of sunsets over the lake. Ribbons of colour lace the approaching night sky like strings on a blanket being pulled to cover the earth… and yet there is a gentleness that makes you pause and appreciate the tender balance of harmony reflected by the lake’s water.

Taking new roads and getting lost was a pleasure with no running clock. Days ran into nights and the week into the weekend with an unmatched rapidness. Plush greenery mottled with varying shades and hues covered the layered landscape, dominated only by the blue shale of the mountain’s side or intrusion of some path, whether it be a meandering river or highway. Soon it would be time to the routine and all highways will cease to meander. All highways become causeways and are reminiscent of the straightest path between two points. The GPS will again be a mandate with the shortest path being the primary configuration.


I had great plans on accomplishing many writing tasks and will admit that I did not get to many on the task list. More importantly though my brain took a rest and I feel like I’m ready to conquer my world again.