When I lived up north, I found that Dunkin Donuts made the best cup of tea. Starbuck’s, while they had the ambiance and perhaps cornered the gourmet coffee experience, they had nothing on the cup of tea. That thought process quickly changed after moving to South Florida. Starbuck’s definitely captured my attention and their hot Chai lattes… YUM about sums it all up.

So now we broach the ordering lingo that Starbuck’s consumers quite often use.

About that! I crossed the line! I crossed the line from one of those people who ridiculed the veinte, grande, tall lingo and I joined them. It took me quite a few months to figure out that what I really wanted was a hot Breve Chai Tea Latte with no foam – but when I did I was rewarded with a cup of perfection each and every consistent time.


So how does this pertain to writing you ask?

I’ve been submitting pieces of work for various contests and fundraisers. Each submittal has guidelines peculiar to the contest. Just as Starbuck’s offers that same cup of coffee as many ways as you can choose to order it, as a writer often you may find that your one manuscript must be tailored for each submittal in order to get the appropriate amount of attention. Anything submitted outside of the requirements could be immediate disqualification and permanent filing under ‘G’ for garbage by-passing even the slush pile.

Don’t think that by using quality stock paper or brightly colored paper that your manuscript will receive a higher priority. That’s like serving decaf to a caffeine drinker in an orange cup. It’s not going to work.

The best chance has to be to give them what they are looking for.

May I have a hot Tall Breve Chai Tea Latte please?