Thoughts of life/death have circled back around with recent losses for folks in my circle of influence. Sure we live to expire, but what logic is behind who gets what kind of shelf life?


I couldn’t help but reflect on death as both an instance as well as a journey while filling out my author’s questionnaires for marketing purposes of my pending publications. How much of myself am I willing to share with the world? How long will anything I publish have a shelf life for?

Conventional books have a very short shelf life if they are not immediately branded as a best-sellers. eBooks are charting a new course with a longer life in the catalogs not taking up too much digital room on the virtual bookshelf.

Everything has a shelf life. Each of us hopefully lasts longer than the conventional book on a major player’s bookshelf and yet without the appropriate level of promotion and breathing of new life in the release of subsequent titles interest stagnates.

I don’t believe that any particular recipe for success exists. If it did, the mould would be coveted by all for cloning. Instead I am left to chart a course minding the guidance of subject matter experts in the industry with hopes that the path that I have opted to follow will lead me to  some level of success. I suppose any life is no different, whether it be the life of an individual or the life of a book. My hope for all is for a jacket to jacket journey of life filled with passion in all that matters most with a long dust-free shelf life.