The city erupted from the forest greenery like a cystic pus filled pimple. Smog hung about the sky scrapers like concealer masking the densely populated protrusion from  the air.

An alternate perspective might find great joy in the city, relishing in the night life and sparkling lights. The dizzying heights of the scrapers providing amazement and awe.

Did we both go to the same place?

The other day I watched my son debate with his Godfather about the specifics of the role he played in upgrading an Xbox. Did he install the lighted panel or just hold the plexi-glass? At the end of the conversation we all wondered if he was even there? Granted he was attempting to debate with a seasoned debater, but do we all fall into the same or similar trap? Do we succumb to voice of others simply because we are unable to communicate our position.

What role do I play? What am I looking at? Do I have a consistent perspective? Am I satisfied with that? Can I stand my ground and communicate my position to others?

So I remember the age old question on perspective involving the Grand Canyon. If you do not see the Grand Canyon in all its glory with the setting sun casting red and orange hued sparkles off of the minerals in the cliff walls, have you truly seen it? More specifically if you venture to the Grand Canyon on a rainy overcast day and see nothing but a muddy ditch, have you really seen it? Is the Grand Canyon the splendor or the muddy ditch?  And do you keep going back until you’ve really seen it or experienced it to your satisfaction or that of others?

Knowing where you stand is important. Research helps to support your position. Understand the bigger picture and how you plug in.

If you really feel the city is naught more than a cystic pimple – How many share your position? What is the green rating of the city? What information do you have to support your position?

Knowledge, understanding, and passion all translate into confidence when writing and speaking.