Happy Mother’s Day to all of those who mother and not just because you are a female with children. To the Mom’s first and foremost because your job never ends. To the single Dads because I know it’s tough to play both roles. To those who are care givers because often it is a thankless job.

May your day pass everyday knowing that you are appreciated.

Today I am surrounded by my loved ones, simply enjoying the love showered upon me as Mother’s Day is celebrated; and I stop and am enjoying them. I am fortunate truly to have family and friends who keep me grounded. They are all special in that they don’t wait for the one day a year to recognize me and tell me they love me. I know every day – from the gentle nudge sending me to bed after I’ve fallen asleep at the computer or that last cup of tea for the night when they know that I have a deadline to meet. They are the reason I get up every morning and keep going into the wee hours of the night. Any time that I have wanted to run because troubles have felt too burdensome, I have them to reflect upon.

They ground me. They are my reality.

So often we look towards the future with hope, full of expectations. We yearn to be somewhere else. More successful perhaps? A new job? Different circles? No matter what the actionable goal maybe we embrace the future with an apprehensive certainty for those who confidently walk forward.  A day such as today reminds us that while we stride forward to meet our objectives using our well honed plans, that we take the time to live in the the present remembering those who care about us whether near or far.

For my family, who has grown with me, I thank you for believing in me as I have and will always believe in you. On a day like today, with title and date becoming insignificant, I remember, acknowledge, and appreciate you too.

With love,