Yesterday I went for a walk to free any cobwebs from the think tank.

The walk was cut short when I ran out of sidewalk and the road turned into a busy 2-lane road. I was walking on the outskirts. The city is beautiful. Bridges seem to span water or ravine at every 1-mile interval. The sun was setting and had as the city aglow in an orange bath.

The town being sports fans had come out to cheer their team to victory. The architecture was quaint where I was walking and the houses snuggled together up the hillside. In the distance the skyscrapers from the downtown city stood tall like guardians keeping vigilance.

I did have to stop at to admire a little library erected in 1909 that celebrated its 100th year last year. I was so pleased to see someone dropping their book into the book return. My heart went out to the used bookstore wondering what was in their future with the changing times and the ever advancing age of technology. Can you sell a used eBook?

The lesson that I took home yesterday was in regard to walking the beaten path. Sure the cliches all tell us not to go against the grain, but if you choose to walk the same path everyone else has or was expected to, then expect to see the same thing. The only chance for originality is a new or alternate perspective.

Give it a shot! Go off roading.